beer, comics, and tunes. ultimate friday afternoon.

i’m really starting to wonder what appeal tumblr ever held for me. bored.


Stalker process

Jacob van Loon

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Nikola Tesla reads.

In madness, the logic and reason that seem so pure and infallible are nothing but an illusion. (A mirage amidst a barren desert of incorrect assumptions and hastily drawn conclusions)


i am a terrible human being.


Narvik, Norway

Fabien F

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Wayfaring Stranger
Jack White

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You have to die a few times before you can really live.

Charles Bukowski

sneezes and snot have been forcing their way out of my various face-holes all day. i managed to drop nearly everything that found its way in to my hands at work (including the tip jar, which is now held together by half a roll of scotch tape.) despite feeling like utter shit, i made it as far as the locker room — determined to get some form of exercise in today — before realizing that i’d forgotten my gym clothes.

admittedly, i turn into an incessantly whiny child whenever i get sick.

this sucks.


ivan shushkin

winter, 1980

oil on canvas

whenever I’m feeling particularly unproductive, this is probably what I should do.

thrown through a loop again.